Salma Jilani is originally from Karachi, Pakistan. After completing her M.Com she worked as a lecturer for eight years in Karachi Commerce College. In 2001 she moved to New Zealand with her family and completed M.Business from Auckland University.As a new immigrant she worked as volunteer in several community organisations to gain some local experience. She has been teaching in different international tertiary institutes on and off basis. Writing short stories in Urdu is her passion, up till now which have been published in renowned quarterly and monthly Urdu literary magazine such as Funoon, Shayer, Adab e Latif, Salis , Sangat and Penslips. She also translates several young and old renowned poets work from all over the world into Urdu and vice versa as she considers translations of literature work as a bridge among different cultures which bring them closer and remove stereotyping. 
Currently Salma Jilani is working as a co-editor of online literary magazine Deedban along with Dr Nastaran Fatihi and Sabeen Ali , which is purely a volunteer project and its main purpose is to bring into limelight through internet and show casing of Urdu writers’ articles, poetry, short stories and analytical reviews of Novels and also connect them with the Urdu readers from the whole world.


Sabeen Ali is a short story writer, poet, literary critic, and one of the editors of Deedbaan online literary magazine. She is from Lahore Pakistan, currently living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Sabeen Ali post graduated from University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan with distinction. Her literary writings, poems and articles have been published in the renowned literary magazines including; Funoon, Adab e Latif, Sangat, Shayer, Salis, Darbhanga Times,Istafsar and many others. She has great interest in fine arts, applied arts, and reading of local and international literature. Currently, Sabeen Ali is working as a contributor and Editor at online literary magazine Deedban, along with Nastaran Fatihi and Salma Jilani. She gives immense value for varying individual talents, loves to works in a team, committed, and believes in modesty, sincerity and completely understands culturally sensitive behaviours.

 Dr.Nastaran Ahsan Fatihi  is an Indian Urdu  fiction writer and social activist. Her notable literary works include Kashmakash, Lift, and  Nasl. Her first novel, titled LIFT, is  a campus novel, It is based on the reservation policy in the Educational Institutions of India. The story spans over 30 years in the life of  the protagonist  Ajay Verma.

In some of her short stories, she has depicted the brutal oppression of tribal peoples and the untouchables by  government officials.  Her stories address sensitive dilemmas in the lives of Indians, with themes such as the disconnection between  new and older generations.

She works for the rights and empowerment of the  women and tribal people, Her book on Eco- feminism advocates for the empowerment of women in the present day society. She is currently editing DEEDBAN along with Salma Jilani and Sabeen Ali.


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