Publish Date : 2017-11-16

Artist of Deedban

Deedban 6th Issue 

Deedban's artist 

Tayyaba Aziz 

I describe myself as an abstract cubo-expressionist, work with the form of figuration. My color are lively and vibrant to bring you the feeling of joy, content and elation. I used clock and calendar overlapped to show that time won't stop for anyone it flies in every second and every passing time it leave some impressions on our personality. Grapes show the fruit of spirit and strength. 
I started paint when i was 15 years old after bachelors in Arts i joined Central institute of Art and craft (CIAC) karachi. Did MBA (Marketing) From Hamdard university( City campus).
work in several organisations exhibit my work international and national. I am first Pakistani who exhibited in "Abu Dhabi Art Hub."

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Author : Tayyaba Aziz


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